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The lockdown made us miss a lot of things but it sure had some blessings in disguise!

Missing going out and enjoying our cocktails got us inspired to create flavours at home and Voila! We realised, that not only do the drinks (cocktails or cocktails) taste so much nicer, we knew that we are putting authentic ingredients.

The blueberry wasn’t a syrup, but made from fresh blueberries..
The green apple wasn’t a colour, but made from freshly squeezed green apples…

And the love for these flavours just grew

We tried and tested various blends and wanted to ensure that we not only got you the best flavours, but also unique ones which give you a burst of flavours in your mouth – making your experience fulfilling and enjoyable

The idea is to make your get togethers and evenings more creative, fun and easy as Parapo Craftail mixes get your drinks ready in just 4 steps!

We will also be offering experiences to those of you who would like to Craft with us by sharing more recipes with these mixes, trying new blends and also make your parties special by sharing our Craftails with you !

Parapo Craftails – making every moment a celebration!

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Kapil Karekar



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