Since Venus is your ability to enjoy, you cannot enjoy once it is debilitated. Venus is beauty, desire and love, liquid money, Venus is beauty, desire and love. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); Enter your e-mail address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by e-mail. April 11 2023 until May 05 2023. video preview; Photos; show site; Full Moon in Libra Redefining your relationships. Is it just infatuation or a lifelong relationship? Venus is the planet of love and happiness; both these things ONLY work when we approach them unconditionally. Jobless? Read more here > How Mars and Venus are co-related. The lord of the profession and initiatives is debilitated here. The positive side of Venus brings in special benevolent energies that enhance all Vedic remedies in general, but specifically for those to loosen our own darker aspects and clear the way for love. Mother of the native may also have ill health. Jupiter gets exalted in Cancer and it is debilitated in Capricorn. So what happens in practical life when Venus is debilitated in the birth chart. They will experience lack of comforts and conveyance. You will run away from isolation and want to be in relationships. Venus loses its natural, soft significations of pure love and beauty here and finds unnecessary fault in the way these attributes are expressed. This placement also plays a vital role, as due to it, he would have trouble in his married life, if hes not careful and this despite his best efforts; though he has 7th house lord Sun; but Mercury retrograde and Venus debilitated do not bode well for his married life and he has to be very careful and I hope he has got married by careful chart matching as otherwise there is trouble to his married life and his health. But of course, debilitated Venus could be problematic if it is happening in the 1st, 2nd or 7th house even in the birth chart as Venus, by default, rules those houses and the trouble can actually be seen in life's situation as Venus's own qualities are affected in these houses. If 5th lord is also weak, it can cause problem in child birth. debilitated venus in 12th . This position can give education related to medical field, pharmacology, health care and healing; but initially one needs to struggle really hard to do well in education. Read in more details here > Venus debilitated in the 1st house. Venuss position in your birth chart can help you answer these questions: When Venus is in favor of you, you attract beautiful people and have great rapport with them. This is a good position for speculative earning and a career in share trading. But Venus must be truly debilitated at the required degree for that to happen. Luck factor will also be lacking. It has serious impact on marriage and relation with the spouse. If you are new to Vedic astrology and would like to learn more about the strength of your Venus (and all your other planets), as well as receive more personalised remedies for your problems, please consider checking out my affordable birth chart readingsHERE. You could also lose your reputation because of some girl or woman in your workplace. However, it is also placed in the trine from the 10th house. Mercury in own sign gives good education. The New Year 2023 is knocking at the door! ASC Aquarius 11-01-48 Excellent placement and makes him fun loving, adventurous and practical by temperament, though he must not take too many risks specially in his personal or married life due to his MKSD. If it is the owner of the good houses, it cannot produce the benefic results to their best. You may also go for different kinds of plastic surgeries to improve your appearance. He is an expert in camouflage and can pretend to be anyone or anything as long as thinks he can gain. How Studying Astrology Teaches You Compassion, Vedic Remedies for Debilitated or Weak Jupiter. Let us find out. Considering parents, native's father/mother may be a rich man/woman, a celebrity, an officer in government or a powerful politician. If Venus is debilitated in the 7th house (for Pisces Ascendant) then it may create problems in your relationships and partnerships as 7th house is also ruled by Venus and Libra side of Venus (as Venus rules two signs > Taurus and Libra) is all about relationships and partnerships. Debilitated Venus in the 5th house gives critical view related to creativity and art. We all have new aspirations and hopes as attached with the year 2023. We all human beings are actually soul and soul is an ocean of love, peace, and complete satisfaction. The Debilitation of Venus will give a distance relationship and the essence of love will be lacking in married life. It can give good higher education, and prosperity. Here are some of them: When several of these factors combine, a traditional Vedic remedy is a necessity. Since it is through the principle of attraction that we draw and add to ourselves, an afflicted Venus spells difficulties with love and money. The modern literature on the subject is of little help tending to make it an extremely abstract symbol, something karmic. Venus is the main significator of marriage. Venus has only 1 aspect. healthy children, and anything he touches would be turned into gold. He has to be very careful of his marriage matters also his MKSD makes him prone to taking too much risk with regards to his personal life. When Venus is in your favor, you will be gifted with happy moments in your love life. Maintaining harmony and balance in relationships will be difficult. One has to earn these, it will not come easily. We would like to show you a description here but the site won't allow us. Their artistic and musical skills may not be that great. Before we judge debilitated Venus in the birth chart, it is also very important to check the Navamsha position, conjunctions, aspects of other planets and if there is any cancellation of the debilitation in the chart. Trusted by million of users in past 36 years, Branch office: B-237, Sector-26, Noida-201301, Uttar Pradesh, India 011-40541000, Flagship Store: A-3, Ring Road, South Extension - 1, New Delhi - 110049, India 011-40541020/1021/1022, Copyright 2011-2022 Future Point Pvt. For Aries Ascendant, Venus rules the 2nd house and the 7th house and it is considered debilitated when placed in the sign of Virgo in the 6th house. In the case of Venus, though it gets debilitated it does not lose its full power. Also Read: How Marriage Astrology Can Help New Parents Have a Strong Relationship? Therefore Venus strives hard to overcome his weakness here. He is the recipient of several awards, including a National Film Award, three Filmfare Awards, and an Asia Pacific Screen Award. Before we judge debilitated Venus, it is also very important to check the Navamsha position and if there is any cancellation of the debilitation in the chart. You see those people working on the streets, for example, cart and rickshaw pullers, and construction sites and those living in slum areas in poverty. Venus vargottama is good and in 9th house again it is good.debilitated planets vargottama can also give excellent results but after hardships (You can consider it as neechbanga) Then what is result of venus being debilitated in virgo. 4th house of Taurus has Rahu [R] 07-59-25 Excellent though has Mild Kaal Sarpa Dosha (MKSD); would make him wealthy and he would have landed property, conveyances and also have very good relation with his parents, who would be auspicious for him; too many risks in his personal life should be avoided. In general debilitated Venus has a tendency to over compensate for all the Venus related attributes, not only sensuality and physical love. He has to be careful of rough edges around his personality. Money matters and wealth generation becomes the primary focus of life for these people, but one has to work really hard to keep the finances afloat. 10th house of Scorpion has Mars 14-02-47 (Lord House) and Ketu [R] 07-59-25 Very Good placement and this is what makes him popular with ladies and also very wealthy; though he would not care much about wealth. But Aishwarya has her venus in her sagitarus along with moon and rahu. However, any aspect from Jupiter to the debilitated Venus can somewhat help but cannot completely eliminate the bad situation. Shukracharya was not only enlightened, but also possessed the rare knowledge of healing thorough Mrit Sanjeevani Mantra which literally means the mantra for bringing the dead alive. What type of chemistry do you share with that special someone. Any work where critical approach is required will be successful. A debilitated planet can be strengthened by strengthening the house opposite to it . Jyotish is supposed to show us the path of our life; it is not meant for twisting the path as per our desires. As a result, it may be someone who assists people in times of need. Marriage and cordiality with the spouse can cause concern. In other words, you may not be good at customer care because of the debilitated Venus and as a result, you may lose the customers. Also, debilitated Venus makes you too much materialistic as divinity is lost. For example, if Venus is your 6th lord and is debilitated, it actually is better for you. Mantras to Lakshmi: Om Mahalakshmai Namah, Om Hreem Shreem Lakshmibhayo Namah. In Libra Venus is aesthetic and cultured, lending harmony and love to relationships. Venus is the main significator of marriage. As per the Vedic texts, the most of the debilitation specific impacts come in the Dashas, i.e. He would be very very lucky, he would be very very famous, he would be educated, knowledgeable and also would travel the world in a jet set life and would have authority power and influence. Mars rules the Muladhara Chakra in the human subtle system and by improving the Muladhara Chakra both Mars and Venus can be improved in this life itself. Rao got married to his lady love Patralekha Paul on 15 November 2021. There will be some issues related to women in the workplace and that may cause difficulty in profession. Alternatively it can be seen as the native will spend a lot of money in buying property and vehicles. In Vedic astrology, Venus is a planet responsible for obtaining fulfilment and nourishment from the external world in a way that is not damaging to oneself or to others. If Venus is in a debilitated position it affects the marriage in a negative way. But Venus in Virgo (if Venus is not debilitated due to Neech Bhang) is also found in people who are in sports as Virgo is a very hard-working sign. i.e. Are there obstacles which make your love life with your current partner a nightmare? Light, flowery, and pastel-like colours are best. Arijit Singh is undoubtedly one of the most celebrated singers of our time, and his songs like "Tum Hi Ho," "Channa Mereya," and "Kabira" have become anthems of love and heartbreak for millions of fans. A minister/advisor influences the mind faculties of the person in authority. This kind of insecurity and a constant effort to improve in the matters related to Venus comes with debilitation. You see > there are many cases of sexual harassment in the workplace and if you are a female you could be the victim of sexual harassment with debilitated Venus in the 10th house. Video link on YouTube Debilitated Venus in the birth chart Results for 12 Ascendants:, Video link on YouTube Why Venus gets Debilitated in Virgo: It can now be done by direct services or counselling. But here debilitated Venus should be in benefic influence. The results of a debilitated Venus depends upon the Horoscope of a person. Debilitated planets are better for materialistic things. If seen from the other side, these people can be a very successful design and film critics. You may not have the sense to dress properly. The mind of the person is always occupied by thoughts of love and their struggle to enjoy their married life becomes difficult. Venus is in very good house of luck and especially in D9 its one of the best house for venus. But if Mars is debilitated in the 3rd house then you may lose your courage and willpower as the 3rd house is the house of your courage and willpower. What are the results of debilitated Venus in different houses? Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Expectations in such case causes disappointments. But the debilitated state of Venus is considered canceled if mercury(the ruler of Virgo sign) or Rahu is also sitting with Venus. With this Venus one may not be able to create a supportive social circle. I have explained through various example charts how to use the advanced astrological tools for accurate predictions. One may not be able to enjoy the pure happiness and contented feeling. These people are sexually very active. They will also spend huge amount of money on these matters. There are many big name Venus in Capricorn celebrities. This includes squares and oppositions. and our . One may not own a house. Find a creative outlet such as drawing, singing, or dancing. This can be compared to a soldier who is in a deep sleep. In case of a male, he may not have cordial relationships with women. Can 7th lord in 2nd house give multiple marriages or relationships? For example, right from the childhood if you had the passion (love) to help the sick people or underprivileged people and later in life you became a nurse then obviously in your birth chart your Venus (significator of love) should appear in the Virgo sign only because Virgo sign is the only sign of serving or curing people suffering from bad health and you love to do that. Since 5th house represents > love and romance > and Venus is the lord of the 5th house > the native may become the victim of a love affair where there could be a long age gap between the couples if Venus is debilitated in the 9th house of gurus and teachers. You may fall in love with your teacher. Above all, they have declared that both Rahu and Ketu are exalted in the same sign Scorpio in contrast to the contemporary belief that they are exalted in opposite signs. Ltd. India's Leading Astrology Enterprise Since 1987, Shravana Month Special: Benefits of 1 to 14 Mukhi Rudraksha, What A 'Debilitated Venus In Virgo' Means For Your Love Life. This factor indicates scope of good ties between the two. One may face issues if they enter into a contract. For a Sagittarius Ascendant, since Venus, being the lord of the 7th house is placed in the 11th house > the native is engaged in making deals or contracts with the masses or the public and since Venus is debilitated in the 11th house these deals or contracts mail fail. Here's the signs where each planet operates in the best (dignity) and worst (debility) ways. So it amplifies debilitated Venus to make it a normal Venus. Venus in now found to be debilitated in the sign Virgo until November 3rd. It can give property in foreign lands too. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); Your email address will not be published. path crossword clue 3 letters,
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