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mistletoe diaries mulled wine

Mistletoe Diaries

Bring in the cheer this Christmas with red wine & Mistletoe Diaries.

Mistletoe Diaries tickles your tastebuds with orange rind and an assortment of aromatic spices. 

Pour 40 ml of the blend on 100ml of warmed-up red wine and cozy up next to your fireplace with your favourite book.

If you are having a party, just mix a 250ml bottle of Mistletoe Diaries with a bottle of warmed-up red wine and watch your guests liven up!

Autumn Caress mulled wine

Autumn Caress

Try this traditional mulled white wine or what the Germans call Gluhwein wine.

Our Autumn Caress blend is made by slowly brewing the best winter pears with saffron, cinnamon, star anise, cloves and a melange of heart-warming spices. 

Pour 40 ml of the blend on 100ml of warmed-up white wine and get transported straight to a quaint German countryside.

If you are having a party, just mix a 250ml bottle of the blend with a bottle of warmed-up white wine and smile gently as your guests load you up with compliments 🙂

Tuscan Sun

The sweet-tart taste of an orange with the piney flavour of rosemary is the perfect blend with some Gin, Vodka or even Whiskey, if you like the smokey taste it brings!

“A burst of flavours is what I bring to you”

Enjoy this blend just with some soda/water and ice too for a soothing summer drink!

Night Sky

Blueberries are a delicacy in India and we love our blueberries fresh!

“I have character and I own it” – say the blueberries to us, as we taste the sweetness in the sour they bring to us!

This flavour is seasonal since we make them with fresh blueberries so don’t lose out on a chance to savour this mix

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I was privileged to be one of the first few people to taste test their blends and I loved every flavour. My favourite has to be the Red Moon, the pomegranate mix is a real treat on the tongue.
Not being a fan of cocktails I was a little hesitant to try these, but when I tried these flavors, I think the only cocktails, I'll be drinking will be with these mixers. Loved all the flavours for their subtlety. 5 stars for me.
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