Night Sky – 250 ML


Freshly squeezed blueberries, lemon, mint, sugar, water

Pairs best with Gin & Vodka

Crafter’s secrets:

  • spike it up with 15ml of Triple sec and 15ml of our Night Sky Mix
  • Substitute the soda with Schweppes Tonic Water or Schweppes Ginger Ale
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Blueberries are a delicacy in India and we love our blueberries fresh!

“I have character and I own it” – say the blueberries to us, as we taste the sweetness in the sour they bring to us!

 This flavour is seasonal since we make them with fresh blueberries so don’t lose out on a chance to savour this mix

Mix 45ml of Parapo blend with equal parts of spirit and club soda/tonic water and pour it over 3 cubes of ice

Weight 500 g
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